Short-term Career programme in Graphic Design

Learn the basics of graphic design by understanding colour theory, composition, typography, creative applications, and design processes. The graphic design programme at UBI allows you to combine your creativity with cutting-edge technology. We offer comprehensive training, ranging from traditional print to online and interactive design and multimedia.

Course highlights

LIVE online classes

18-week intensive learning

Training from Industry Experts

Leading practitioners and industry experts from India and worldwide.


1-year internship with stipend will be provided

Professional networking

Make lifelong connections with a network of design professionals.

Upcoming career roles

Graphic designer

Creative director

UX Designer

UI Designer

Product artist

Product developer

Multimedia artist or animator

Marketing specialist

Art director


Course structure

The course covers all the aspects of image editing, video graphics, and video editing. It deals with all the basics of video graphics and Non-Linear Editing, including Audio Adjustments, digital painting, matte painting, video, and graphics file formats.

  • Image editing
  • Typography
  • Blend Modes 
  • Levels and Curves
  • Image reconstruction
  • Shapes and lines
  • Graphs
  • Pictographs 
  • Logos
  • Brush panel
  • Gradient

Software and tools you will learn

  • Bootstrap

  • Node.js

  • Django

  • Bootstrap

  • Node.js

  • Django

Eligibility criteria

Anyone passionate about coding will benefit from this programme. It’s even better if you’ve prior experience in coding or a related field.

Admission process

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  1. Submit an online application

2. Schedule an interview

3. Receive an offer letter

4. Enroll in the programme of your choice and choose a payment plan

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