Why is Motion Graphics the most sought-after profession in the design industry?

There has never been a better time to become a motion graphics designer! It’s one of the world’s most in-demand careers, and the future looks even brighter. Motion graphics is an old concept that has been around for quite some time. However, the breakthrough in the sector is very fresh. Motion design’s broad focus makes it a versatile problem-solving mechanism. A motion graphic designer course will help you figure out a career along your study path by providing much-needed direction and clarity. 

Graphic design, animation, illustration, cinematography, 3D technology, and digital product design all come together in motion design. Motion designers communicate through traditional and non-traditional narrative styles, and a career in motion graphics attracts artists and designers from various backgrounds.

The following are some reasons why there is a meteoric rise in demand for motion graphic designers. 

  • Changing marketing trends : The market is shifting, and we’re getting closer to a virtual future where games, content consumption, and experience are all virtual. VR and AR are already transforming technologies to produce more innovative solutions. Over-the-top media channels are supplanting traditional television and movies. Content is delivered online by schools and educational institutions, and education is becoming more computerised, with visuals resembling motion graphics. Advertising agencies are employing innovative methods of advertising which rely heavily on 3d motion graphics design and transitions in their apps.
  • The evolution of new forms of media : The second most popular search engine is YouTube. Do you know why? Motion and colours are more accessible for humans to comprehend than grayscale. Communications in videos are more straightforward to understand than messages in the form of text. Motion, like colour, provides nuance to design, allowing designers to communicate meaning without using words, sounds, or well-worn symbols. Expect corporations from various industries to increase the motion graphics designers’ salary as more organisations recognise the value of the animation. It’s easier and faster to make videos that provide in-depth information about a product or service. Getting their message through to their respective consumers in an appealing manner has become more vital than ever for high-end brands and mid-sized businesses. Aside from gaming and entertainment, videos and animations have become an essential aspect of marketing and branding campaigns.
  • Speedy development and easy repurposing : A speedier content generation with tremendous impact is required in a running gun scenario where content is churned out in abundance every day. It will be even faster if you can use templates and pre-developed tools. Motion graphics software also allows for developing things that would otherwise be difficult or unimpressive to create physically. It would, for example, make “explaining the workings of a volcano” far easier and more stunning than if traditional methods were used. Video artists will appreciate the option to reuse or modify existing projects or parts of projects to meet new needs.
  • Cost and time effective : Motion graphics animation takes considerably less time and money to generate videos. Depending on the complexity, it may even be a one-person task. Motion graphic design enables you to create innovative and exciting video content without relying on various resources such as camera equipment, video filming, actors, and props. It can also be a more efficient and effective way of communicating a message or selling a product than other types of video content generation.
  • Aligns with the wave of minimalism : You may have noticed that the most popular games on the AppStore and Google PlayStore are all simple games. The graphics of these games are straightforward. They’re simple to use on the phone and keep the consumer engaged. These little games bring in millions of dollars for video game creators. Companies like Ketchapp and Voodoo are driving the video game business with these essential apps. This style began in graphic design for brands, but it has since spread to other fields such as games and motion graphics. Firms like Google outsource the motion graphics jobs to other studios for simple animations and transitions in their apps.

Final thoughts

Screens are everywhere and are interactive. Touch-sensitive graphic components slide, bounce and react. UX design and brand marketing both benefit from animation and motion graphics. They’re also having an impact on industries you wouldn’t imagine. For example, Michigan State University researchers discovered that animated movies enhanced the adoption of agricultural techniques among poor farmers, who had low literacy rates and had limited access to education.

Animated simulations make training activities safer in high-risk areas like construction and aviation. For example, the hiring process at McKinsey & Company uses animation in a gamified environment to evaluate candidates’ problem-solving abilities and level the playing field for those without consulting expertise. 3D animations are also used in health care and industry to depict complex processes that are difficult—or impossible—to detect with the naked eye.

At Ubi Academy, we provide specialised degrees in the constantly growing media, animation, and media industries. Our goal is to provide industry-relevant information in the most practical, hands-on, and cost-effective manner possible. This helps create a crop of industry-certified professionals who can meet the ever-growing demand for motion graphics designer experts and other professionals. 

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