The three most asked questions about working as a Freelance Motion Graphics Designer

If you are a creative person who loves to express your creativity through art, then becoming a freelance motion graphics designer might be right for you. Becoming a freelance motion graphics designer is challenging; however, it can be gratifying if done correctly. 

Being a freelance motion graphics designer can be a great career choice for those passionate about creating visual content. However, you must understand that being a successful freelance motion graphics designer requires more than just the talent and ability to create graphics. You also need to be able to solve problems and communicate effectively with clients.

To ensure your success as an independent contractor (IC), you must follow these questions:

  • Are you good at what you do? If not, don’t expect anyone else to believe it because they will see right through your act. You need to be honest with yourself so that when someone asks, “What do I have here?” or “How much is this going cost me?”—your answer won’t lead them astray!
  • Do other people think highly of your work ethic? If so, then congratulations! This means that even though there may come along some bad days where motivation seems lost due to lack thereof, there will always be someone out there who recognizes how hardworking and dedicated someone like yourself really is (and still does).

Is it easy to be a freelance motion graphic designer?

The answer is yes. It’s easy to be a freelance motion graphics designer because you can work from home on projects that interest you, with people who suit your needs and don’t have unrealistic expectations.

You’ll find it more difficult if:

  • You are not sure what kind of work you enjoy doing or what type of work will make money; or
  • You are too picky about the projects available or too fearful of making mistakes (which can lead to low-paying jobs).

How much does a freelance motion graphics designer make?

The average salary for freelance motion graphics designers is $65,000 per year. This can vary depending on your experience and the type of project you work on. If you have only been working as a freelancer for a short time and are relatively new to the field, it may be not easy to find contractors willing to pay more than $50,000 per year because they don’t want to spend money on training someone who doesn’t have any experience. However, as your portfolio grows and clients start recognizing how graphic artists can do good quality work at lower prices than larger studios can offer, your compensations will begin to swell!

Salary is not the only thing to consider. It may be more critical for you to work on projects that are a good fit for your skill set, share common interests with other designers, or have fun doing what they love daily! As long as you’re happy with what’s happening in your life.

How to start as a freelance motion graphics designer?

  • Create a portfolio. A good portfolio is your best chance of getting hired. It should include examples of your work, an overview of what you can do for clients and a description of how they’ll benefit from working with you.
  • Get your name out there. The simplest way to do this is through networking events and online forums where freelancers hang out. If there are no networking events in your area, try joining one! It will add up over time as people see how hardworking and motivated you are when they ask questions about their projects or problems.


The world of freelancing is a great place to be, but it’s not without its challenges. You have to be open to taking risks and making mistakes along the way, but that’s part of what makes this career choice so exciting! It may seem daunting at first glance, but once you get comfortable with these challenges and start your journey as a freelance motion graphics designer, you will be rewarded with great experiences.