An In-Depth Look at the Emerging Trends in Motion Graphics


Motion design is a part of the graphic design industry that has grown in popularity over the past few years. Motion designers are responsible for creating animations, shapes and animated graphics that businesses can use to convey their messages or products. Motion design differs from traditional graphic design because it uses 3D animations instead of 2D images. This article will look at the significant trend settings in the motion graphics career.

The Difference Between Motion Designing and Graphic Designing

Motion design is a subset of graphic design. It involves the creation of a sequence of images and animations that tell a story, educate or entertain. Graphic designers create static designs like brochures and posters, while motion designers use them to add dynamics to their work.

Motion design relies on the human eye’s ability to perceive movement to connect with viewers emotionally (and sometimes literally). The most common elements used by motion designers include colours, shapes and textures; they also include soundtracks that help convey emotions like fear or excitement through music cues used as part of their workflows.

Surprising Trend No. 1: Thriving Smaller Markets

In recent years, the motion design industry has seen a significant increase in demand for its services in smaller markets internationally. This trend had accelerated significantly since 2010 when only 20% of U.S.-based firms were operating outside of large cities like Los Angeles and New York City (i.e., San Francisco). Today, roughly 50% of all motion designers work in smaller markets across America—and those numbers are only expected to grow as more opportunities open up for those who want them!

Why does this matter? Well, it means more opportunity for you if you want to move your career forward (or even grow your company) by setting up shop elsewhere, where everyone knows each other.

Surprising Trend No. 2: Increased Industry Accessibility

The second trend you’re going to see is increased industry accessibility. The internet has made it more convenient for anyone interested in motion design to find a job, no matter where they live.

Motion design is one of the most accessible fields in today’s creative industries because it requires so little training and experience compared with other types of design work. Suppose you have access to a computer, software and an internet connection (and maybe even some basic knowledge about how things work). In that case, there’s always the potential for finding employment as a motion designer!

Emerging Trend No. 3: Using AI in Motion Designing

AI can automate tasks, create more efficient workflows and generate more accurate results.

AI is a powerful tool that allows designers to create more personalised workflows. For example, suppose you have a project involving multiple people working together. In that case, AI might be able to suggest a new workflow for each person individually based on their former experience with similar projects and their preferences for how each step should be done. This will help assure that everyone gets what they need—and nothing else!

More clients are looking for motion designing services.

The number of clients looking for motion designing services has increased significantly in the past few years. Motion design is a growing field, and more people seek talented designers to help them create compelling and engaging animation content. This trend will continue as more companies realise how helpful it can be in creating an appealing brand presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

In addition to this trend, there is also an increase in demand for experienced motion designers who can handle complex projects efficiently without sacrificing quality or creativity.


It is no doubt that the motion designing industry is growing and changing at a rapid pace. This is because designers have many exciting new opportunities to create eye-catching animations and other types of visuals. As we’ve seen, these trends may sound intimidating or even intimidatingly daunting, but don’t let them deter you from pursuing your dream job as a graphic designer! 

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