Get Industry-Certified in Applied Motion Graphics

Learn 6 design tools and get a 6 months internship with the e-learning industry 

Course Features

Study fully Online / Offline / in a blended model - you choose!

Who can apply?

High school graduates, graduates from any stream from accredited by Indian or foreign universities.

Students in the final semester can also apply.

What will you learn?

Become a motion graphics pro

Improve your professional learning curve through unforgettable practice in which you’ll learn how to work on complex project

Explore Curriculum
  • Introduction to motion graphics 
  • Edit with photoshop
  • Use photoshop for graphic design
  • Vector introduction and creating documents containing basic shape
  • Creating documents and graphics containing customized paths and texts 
  • Preparing documents for deployment
  • Intro to After Effect
  • Basic of Motion Graphic 
  • Animate Character Using masks 
  • Working in 3D space and Exporting
  • Introduction to premium pro
  • Fixing audio/ color and making edits
  • Adjusting audio and adding titles
  • Wrap stabilizer and reversing footage
  • Adjustment layers and color-correcting videos
  • Introduction to storyline
  • Getting oriented with the Storyline
  • 360 interface
  • Building slides
  • Customizing project player interface
  • Characters make the course engaging
  • Using triggers
  • Creating interactive sliders and Dials
  • Creating a custom menu
  • Quizzing
  • Publishing a project

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